Kodi v22.3

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KodiThe Kodi is a free and open source media player which was developed by XMBC in the year 2017. The app was previously known as Xbox media player and was released in 2002 but later got modified to kodi in 2017. The player is available for many operating systems such as windows, mac, android, ios and linux. This player supports different types of audio music, movies, TV shows and photos. The media player also has different types of skins and various plug-ins that allow streaming of videos. The Kodi was written in c++ language and python scripts. The app fully supports translations upto 12 languages and is working on 75 different languages. It supports all the systems whether they are 32bit or 64bit. The kodi also has the “my programs” section and functions as application launcher for third party software such as games, apps etc. The Kodi is the popular media player in the world and has over a billion of downloaded users.

Features of Kodi v22.3

1. Kodi supports all the audio formats for listening of music and recordings such as mp3, wav, wma formats.
2. The app supports all the movie formats and also has the feature of streaming movies online.
3. The different web series and TV shows are stored in a library and can be streamed online
4. The various formats of pictures can also be opened in the kodi and can be viewed as a slideshow.
5. It has different types of skins and themes for an attractive look.
6. The Kodi allows you to record the TV shows for watching it later.

How to download Kodi v22.3?

The Kodi for any platform can be downloaded from the following link-

Download Kodi

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