Kodi v21.8

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KodiKodi is a free and open source media player software application which is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platform. Which allows users to play and view most streaming media; like videos, music, podcasts and also videos from the internet.

Features of Kodi v21.8

Following are the features of this app:

  • ┬áThe Kodi app is highly customizable, a variety of skins can change its appearance and various plug-ins allows the users to access streaming media content through online services such as Amazon prime, YouTube, etc.
  • It supports many common audio, video and image formats, slideshows, etc.
  • The app supports72 languages presently and TV feature allows users to watch TV broadcasts and also from internet browsing.
  • The app has a key feature of library and it play backs any video you throw to it and uses multimedia video player core for video playback.
  • You are allowed to create smart playlists through music library which also enables the organisation of music collection and searching.
  • Basically handles all common digital image display with zooming and slide show with amazing effects.
  • Its latest new feature is games manager and the game console emulators. The game library contains the information about different games and enables you to add games which you like.
  • It is can play media from CDs and DVDs, hard disks etc. The app includes music/video playlist features and has image slideshow functions and karaoke functions too.

How to download Kodi v21.8?

So to enjoy these features you have to download this amazing app, to download click on the given link below!

Download Kodi

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