Kodi v20.1

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KodiKodi, the popular application, released in the year 2002, is a software for home theatre personal computers, or HTPC, smart TV, in the layman’s term. It is a 100% free media player and recorder, used to stream media content from various sources. Initially released as XMBC, or Xbox Media Player, it is a multiplatform software. Originally created for the Xbox gaming console, due to the hardware being outdated, and wishes to expand the app, it has various operating systems released in November 2017.

Features of Kodi v20.1

1. The Kodi software is characterized by its 10-foot large user interface.
2. It enables the users to stream media content from anywhere around their home, from either the internet or via their personal drives.
3. The app can be used to watch live television or be used for video capture and playback.
4. It is 100% free and is open sourced, which means that it makes the original source accessible and capable of being modified by anybody who doesn’t own it.
5. The software does not play any media on its own. the user can transfer media from local drives, CD’s and other hardware or use third party applications, such as amazon prime and Netflix.
6. The application is not just used for movies and tv shows- it can also be used for music, podcasts and live streaming. In a nutshell? Everything!
7. It offers a wide variety of customisations.

How to download Kodi v20.1?

To download the Kodi app in your device, click on the given below download button-

Download Kodi

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