Kodi v19.6

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KodiKodi is a free and open source software application that allows users to play and view most streaming media including videos and audios. The software was founded by XBMC Foundation. Kodi is not for profit technology consortium. The users can play videos from the Internet as well from local media.

Features of Kodi v19.6

●Kodi is a highly customizable software. A variety of skins can change its appearance. The various plugins involved allow users to access streaming media content via online services such as Amazon Prime, Crackle, Pandora, etc.
●The current version of Kodi provides the benefit of live tv which allows users to watch TV broadcasts on the software easily. It has the native Live TV that comes with Electronic Program Guide.
●The software is accessible on a large number of platforms including Linux, Microsoft, macOS, and Android devices.
●The feature of Video Playback helps in the organization of video content by information associated with video files. Kodi uses one multimedia video player for “core" for video playback.
Kodi can play media from CD/DVD media using an internal DVD-ROM drive. It can play media from an internal built-in hard disk drive.
●The software has My Programs section which is meant to function as an application launcher for third-party software such as computer games and video game emulators.
●Users can also create their own skin and share it with others via public websites that are used for Kodi skin trading and development. Web interface add-ons for Kodi normally allow browsing a media library remotely to handle music playlists from a computer instead of television.

How to download Kodi v19.6?

Follow the given below link to download Kodi app in your device-

Download Kodi

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