Kodi v18.0BETA6

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KodiDeveloped by a non profit technology company called – XBMC Foundation, Kodi is an application that aims at creating a free source for mediums for media such as graphics, music, movies, etc. KODI is a customizable application that works as per the needs and preferences of the user and provides maximum satisfaction with the functioning and working system of the application. KODI works with a number of systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, IOS and Microsoft Windows. This user-friendly app changes the dimensions of media and marketing and brings together technology and art in one single place. This application supports different image formats and styles, audio, video, weather forecasts, news channels etc. This application is the one that makes it easy for one to communicate and keeps an individual updated about the daily happenings.

Features of Kodi v18.0BETA6

Kodi has various features that come along with the application-
1. Kodi has some features that stand out from the traditional bridges of provisions. The application provides settings in the “T.V. Feature” that allows users to watch television with add-ons like cables and the internet.
2. It has regular updates in its versions making it user-friendly and easy to use.
3. It allows one to install plugins from third party sources, that efficiently provide content that is freely available of the content makers website.
4. It works well with the television boxes as the application gives a feeling of a home theatre to the people viewing it.
5. One can easily create smart playlists and search for music with different information provision such as musician, title, production, year, genre, artist etc.

How to download Kodi v18.0BETA6?

This application is easily available on this website for Download. The link is provided below.

Download Kodi

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