Kodi v18.0-ALPHA 4

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KodiWant to enjoy your pictures on your TV? How’s that possible? Probably this will be the question you might have right now in your mind. This can be done very easily using an app which we know as Kodi. This app is an easy way to get your device’s stuff on the TV. Not only pictures, all your videos can also be screened on your smart TV using this smart app. This app let’s you screen whatever you want on your TV using your device. It connects your device with TV. It is available for all the major platforms, that means whether its PC or phone, you can connect it with your smart TV without any hassle.

Features of Kodi v18.0-ALPHA 4

  • Kodi app is the best way to connect your smart TV with your device. The features it offers are mentioned below-
  • It allows you to connect any device to your smart TV that is under the limit of 10 metres.
  • It can help you to view online movies or shows on your smart TV.
  • You can download third-party apps for online streaming. This app supports third-party apps and that’s why you would be able to stream online videos easily.
  • It allows you to share your phone’s content on TV as well.

How to download Kodi v18.0-ALPHA 4?

You can download Kodi by just using the download button we have provided below. You would have to click on it, in order to download the app. Once done, you can install the app using the screen instructions.

Download Kodi

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